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No. 12 Dusk candle melts with shimmer

No. 12 Dusk candle melts with shimmer

About This Fragrance

The Dusk is a elegant blend of tobacco leaf, tonka bean, tobacco blossom, cacao and hint of vanilla. 


About our wax melts

Simply put a 2 - 3 stars in the well of a wax melter then light an unscented tealight underneath. Maximum burning time each time is 5 hours. This wax melts can be reused once cooled. The bag of 36 stars offer +40 hours of beautiful fragrance.


  • Recylable
  • Vegan
  • Eco soy wax
  • Cruelty free



Our wax melts are packed inbrown box and dispatched in a recyclable brown mail bag or box

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